Apostle Ralph Damon
Ralph Damon

     Through what I have come to know as the leadings of the tender Spirit of God, many years ago I experienced a moment with that Spirit that gave me a rich knowledge of a deeper ministry that would one day become a path unto my life.

Our heritage church at that time was in a state of change and disarray and I had begun to question the possible avenues of service that remained to me within that body of faith. But as many loyal and devoted members of that faith have come to know, God has His peculiar ways of not being boxed in regarding allowing enriched ministry to become functional in the lives of the Saints. God will not be prevented from allowing “truth” to be taught to his creations.

For those who have knowledge of my background, you might know that, like many of you, my family and I have walked many paths these past years. In some of those paths we traveled we found opportunity to serve God in various ways, just as many Saints have in these latter years. But we also often found incompleteness in what was filling our lives. In spite of that incompleteness, we often were still touched by His Spirit and given insights of ministries and service yet to come. I was one of those that, thankfully, received of that confirmation also.

My call to the apostolic office was, and is, a call I have long been aware of and familiar with. Within my heart has been written the eternal confirmation of its validity and I cannot refuse to respond to its call and its obligation. I feel so much like our brother Paul when he stated, “Paul, an Apostle,...a servant of God, and separated to preach the gospel,... and, as much as is in me, I am ready to preach the gospel to you...”

Today, for reasons known only to God, I stand before the world testifying of the sure knowledge that is planted in me of this call to be one of God’s apostles. Further, it will be my covenant with the Most High God that I will live my life in the service of His children and the unknown thousands of souls searching for the “bread of life” and the thirst-quenching water that refreshes and revives our souls.

May God grant us the patience to carefully wait on Him, the stamina to run the good race, the ability to stretch for the finish line, the courage to “cross the river” into His promised land, and the willingness to surrender our lives to His greater cause