West Virginia Retreats

Spring Retreat April 21-22, 2018

By Apostle Donald W. Burnett

The Remnant Record 2018 - Volume 1

Over the weekend of April 21st and 22nd Apostle Donald Burnett, Bishop Ben Galbraith, Seventy Matthew Goodrich, and Elder Alex Vun Cannon traveled from Independence to Parkersburg, West Virginia, to participate in the spring retreat of the Parkersburg and New Martinsville saints.

We started our weekend with a Saturday morning priesthood meeting. We then proceeded to the home where the Parkersburg saints meet for worship services. Classes were held during most of the day, and at 4:30 that afternoon we gathered together for the baptism of Aimee Fehr.

Aimee Fehr, of Lynchburg, Virginia, traveled to Parkersburg, West Virginia, with her fiancé, Joseph Hammonds, of Rustburg, Virginia. They plan to be married in August of this year.

Aimee had gone through cottage meetings with Elders Alex Vun Cannon and Morgan Wigle by means of Skype and had asked for baptism. Brother Vun Cannon baptized Aimee after a short service, and Aimee was confirmed in the Sunday morning service at the Parkersburg Branch by Brother Vun Cannon and assisted by Brother Burnett.

The retreat was a great success and attended by the Parkersburg and New Martinsville saints from West Virginia. The weekend was filled with class study of the scriptures, good fellowship with enthusiastic saints, and a very Spirit-filled Sunday morning worship service.

Before leaving for our various homes after the Sunday morning service, we enjoyed one last fellowship gathering over lunch, with discussions for an upcoming fall retreat well under way. Then, with hugs and tears, we headed to our various homes.

Fall Retreat October 6-7, 2018

By Apostle Donald W. Burnett

The Remnant Record 2018 - Volume 1

On the weekend of October 6th and 7th there was a retreat at the First West Virginia Branch in New Martinsville, West Virginia. Five priesthood from the Center Place traveled to New Martinsville to worship with the saints there, as the saints from Parkersburg, West Virginia, joined the retreat. We had about 25 people at the retreat. It was uplifting for all in attendance. There were classes on the “Kingdom of God” on Saturday given by Seventies Ray Setter and Roger Schuelke. There was plenty of good fellowship and lots of wonderful food.

On Sunday morning we had a presentation during the Sunday School hour, given by President Jim Vun Cannon of the First Presidency, as to the direction of the Remnant Church. It was informative for all the Saints and included a film, Who We Are. Brother Vun Cannon also took time to answer questions.

With the New Martinsville Branch having five new members, it was a great pleasure to see these new saints take communion at the communion service Sunday morning. The service was presided over by Elder Paul Burke, with Elder Jim Bowie assisting. Apostle Donald Burnett brought the message. The message was directed toward the younger saints, with an invitation for the adults to listen in.